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Affordable Websites for Any Business

Do you need a website for your business but don't want to spend a fortune?

Websites don't have to be daunting!  We can build you a website quickly and easily at an affordable price.  Once you buy your site from us we take over and do everything for you, except provide the content!  All the technical stuff is done for you.  We are available for contact as well through email, messanger or phone!

Why Choose Us

Easy to Follow and Creation of Your Website

Websites made easy


Honest and Dependable

You can work out how much your website will cost.  We won't add any extras


We Are Always Improving

We are constantly updating and moving forward so you get the best wesite


Affordable Prices

Prices start at just £65 for a one page site for a whole year.

One Page

£ 65 per year
  • A one page site with all you company details and what you do.

    What you get
  • 1 domain name
  • 1 email address with your domain name
  • 1 years hosting
  • Basic SSL Certificate
  • Your site built for you with your content
  • Contact forms and maps
  • Support via email and phone

5 Page Site

£ 99 per year
  • You get 5 pages to do what you want with so you can split your content into sections

    What you get
  • 1 domain name
  • 2 email address with your domain name
  • 1 years hosting
  • Basic SSL Certificate
  • Your site built for you with your content
  • Contact forms and maps
  • Support via email and phone


£ POA per year
  • Bespoke means you can have exactly what you want and need.

    What you get
  • As many domains as you want
  • As many email addresses as you want
  • Hosting is charged yearly
  • Basic or Advanced SSL certificates available
  • Your Content
  • Support via email and phone


   £ Cost of extras per year
  • How much you will pay for any extras that you need.  

    Each item is charage per year

  • Each extra email address £10
  • Extra domain name £15
  • Extra .com domain name £20
  • Extra page £15 each
  • Advanced SSL certificate £35

  • MOBILE FRIENDLY - All sites are resposive which means they will look good on mobiles, tablets and desktops.
  • EASY AND SIMPLE - We do all the work, you just have to supply us with the content for your business.
  • Add Extras - You can add extras to each package should you need more domains, more email addresses or advanced SSL certificates for example.  You can add extra pages to all packages except the One Page website (the name of they type of site is the reason)
  • Update as Needed - You can make changes to your site as many times as you want to, or not at all, its up to you.  Updates are carried out by us, and are chargable.  Cost from £10 per update

How it Works

Choose your Package

Choose which package you would like, a single page website, or our best value 5 page package.  If those packages don't suit your needs the just let us know how many pages you do need and we will work out a bespoke site for you.   Let us know of any layout you would like

Choose any Extras

If you require any additional pages, email addresses or domain names then let us know and we can add those to the chosen package. Note that additional pages cannot be added to the single page website package.

Send Us your Content

Once you have chosen your package and extras you will need to send us the content. This will include your text and any images.

We Will Build Your Site

We will build your site as quickly as poosible, usually within two weeks.  
We will put it on a temporary site for you to look at.  Once complete and you are happy will will put it on the internet for everyone to see.

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