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A smarter way to do things

We do things a little smarter and faster to make sure you know that we care about you and your computer equipment.

We offer all our services to individuals and to businesses. From PC and laptop repairs, to virus removal and tune-ups we offer any service you need.

We offer Fixed Fee Labour charges of £30.  Thats all you pay for labour.  If you need parts then that is extra.  

We also offer a No Fix No Fee guarantee.

Just give us a call on 07814 979414 and talk to us about it. I’m sure we can help!

Virus Removal

Virus Removal

Viruses and particularly malware these days is  big problem and getting rid of it can be a pain. They are nasy peices of code or programs that want to do harm to your computer or your data.
We can get rid of any virus or malware for you for £30 fixed fee labour.  



From additional RAM, to new hard drives, we can upgrade you PC or Laptop.  

SSD hard drives are the best performace upgrade at the moment.  they are much faster than traditional hard drives.

Cost is £30 plus your parts

Speed up your PC

PC Tune Ups

Is your computer running slowly?  We can speed it up so its like new again.
Slow speed can be many things including malware, accumulation of clutter, or too many start up programs.  We can remove any of these for you

Costs just £30 for a full tune up.

Operating System Installs
Sometimes you need to reinstall Windows to get it up and running again.  We will reinstall windows, your apps, and put your data back.  Just £30 to reinstall any version of Windows

Printer Installs
Sometimes installing a printer can be tricky especially with new WiFi Printers.  Take the weight off and we will install it for you.  Give us a call on 07814 979414


Network Configuration
Struggling with WiFi setup and your security?  We can configure you router and connect your devices  securely.  Also for wired networks too.

Fixed Fee Prices
The best bit that whatever we do we only charge the same fixed fee labour charge.  Just £30 per job.  If you need parts the those are extra.

No Fix No Fee Guarantee
If we cannot fix your computer or carry out the job you want then we will not charge you a penny!

Bits and  Pieces Computers

Bits and Pieces Computers
14 Crown Well Hill
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Phone: 07814 979141